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All these recordings are characterized by astonishing vocal blend, perfect enunciation of the texts, and a feeling of genuine liturgical "presence".
They then transferred in turn lớn a whaleboat that landed them on a rickety jetty where the four astonished shepherds greeted them.
The vacuolated cytoplasm contains numerous inclusions, sometimes of astonishing size, considering that there is no hint of a cytostome.
That a president would knowingly surrender so completely his ability to lớn make foreign policy is astonishing.
It should not be surprising if s/he makes errors in this domain; on the contrary, it would be astonishing if s/he did not.
Every time we get a glimpse into the world of prehistoric objects of wood, antler, textiles and so on we are astonished.
I got the distinct feeling here of being an astonished onlooker trying to follow other people"s arguments.
What is astonishing is that these apes, in the face of so much futility, persist in their attempts khổng lồ manipulate people through intentional communication.
Thus, it is not astonishing that some parts of the book are, for their intrinsic nature, rather difficult and addressed prevailingly lớn mature readers.
So it may not be astonishing that the validation of the mã sản phẩm took place mostly in the context of theoretical physics.

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