2 HCL + BA(OH)2 → BACL2 + 2 H2O


Barium hydroxide reacts withHydrochloric acid & givesBarium chloride và water as results. As chemical products, heat is released due lớn neutralization of strong acid & strong base.

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Balanced reaction of Barium hydroxide & hydrochloric acidReactants of reactionProducts of reactionHeat generation of Ba(OH)2 & HCl reactionChange of oxidation numbersPhysical and chemical properties changes during the reactionHealth, safety measures of Ba(OH)2 and HCl reaction

Balanced reaction of Barium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid

Ba(OH)2(aq) + 2HCl(aq) → BaCl2(aq) + H2O(l)

One mole of Barium hydroxide reacts with two moles of Hydrochloric acid. As products, one mole of Barium chloride và two moles of water are given.

Reactants of reaction

Barium hydroxide

Aqueous Barium hydroxide solution is a strong base because it completely dissociates lớn Ba2+ & OH- ions in water.These Barium hydroxide solutions should show pH values much higher than 7.

Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid because it completely dissociates to H+ & Cl- ions in water. These Hydrochloricacid solutions should show pH values much lower than 7 due to lớn its strong acidic nature.

Products of reaction

Barium chloride

Barium chloride is a salt & soluble in water to form a colourless aqueous solution.

Heat generation when Ba(OH)2 & HCl are neutralized

When one mole of water is generated due to neutralization of strong acid and strong base, -57.1kJ is released.

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Because twowater moles are generated according to the stoichiometric balanced equation, -114.2 kJ is released when Ba(OH)2 isneutralized by HCl.

Change of oxidation numbers

This reaction is not a redox reaction becauseoxidation numbers of atoms are notchanged during the reaction.Barium"s only oxidation state is +2. In both Ba(OH)2 and BaCl2, barium is at +2 oxidation state.Chlorine"s oxidation number in HCl is -1. Và also, on BaCl2, oxidation number of chlorine is -1.

Physical and chemical observation of Ba(OH)2 & HCl reaction

Here, we will see some physical observations và chemical properties changes during the reaction. These observations are important lớn identifycompounds from other compounds in the qualitative analysis.

Colour & physical state changes

Both aqueous barium hydroxide và aqueous hydrochloric acid are colourless solutions.Barium chloride which is given as a hàng hóa is soluble in water and give colourless solution.

pH change

Reactants: Ba(OH)2 is a strong base & show pH value higher than 7 & HCl is strong acid và should show pH value less than 7.Products: Barium chloride is a salt. Both barium và chloride ions are stable in water and do not participating in hydrolysis. If all HCl andBa(OH)2 are completely reacted with each other, pH of final solution should be 7.

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Safety and health hazards possible due khổng lồ this reaction

HCl: You should be extremely careful when diluted HCl solution is prepared by concentrated HCl becauase HCl vapour can harm eyes & skin. Also, it istoxic if inhaled. Serious skin burns are possible.Ba(OH)2: Due to strong basic properties, skin irritation và burns as well as eye damages are possible và corrosive & toxic.Heat generation: Due to generation of large heat in a short time period, be careful khổng lồ not touch beaker or other where reaction is being happened.


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