Configure là gì

Online buyers can build their own version of the car: many of the company"s customers configure their own vehicles.

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to arrange or make changes lớn a computer system, a piece of computer equipment or software, etc. Lớn make it able to bởi vì a particular task or work in a particular way:
After I configured my máy tính to start up from the CD-ROM drive rather than the hard drive, the installation went smoothly.

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to arrange the way in which something, such as a computer system or software, is organized, so that it can be used for a particular task:
All too often, office workers have computers on their desks, but the machines aren"t configured to lớn permit easy data sharing.
We also introduce primitives for configuring components as soon as they are assigned khổng lồ the current configuration.
For electronic transfer, the treatment planning system and operator must configure parameters in the orientations used in treatment delivery for all the linacs used.
They enable the available widgets of the toolkits lớn be graphically configured và inserted in the user interfaces.
How are the main issues surveyed by the author contested và configured by the state and the revolutionary elite itself?
Agro-environmental partnerships incorporate traditional participants in agriculture, but configure them into intentional and dynamic networks lớn learn how lớn optimize ecological relationships in farming systems.
The form size or position of the proposed building may be inaccurate or the way in which the materials or lighting are configured could be misleading.