Confusion là gì

a situation in which people vị not understand what is happening, what they should bởi vì or who someone or something is:

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Distinguishing between competence and performance prevents us from being led into harmful confusions.
Such confusions may be especially prominent with letters because of their generally high similarity.
Clearly there are some fundamental confusions here over issues such as differences among the users, functions, và structures of a given language.
Although the schwa rarely leads to semantic confusions, its analysis in word-median or monosyllabic contexts shows interesting phonostylistic variations.
In comedy, the kết thúc comes when the confusions are unravelled; the day is over, equilibrium is restored with the finality of the closed curtain.
The existing bibliography is riddled with inaccuracies, confusions, unchecked assertions & self-contradictory claims, repeated in successive works.
We particularly need research khổng lồ help identify the source of any aberrations, distortions, or confusions which could arbitrarily affect judgments.
Log transformations were applied to the variables of number of confusions, similarity rating, và stimulus và response letter frequency to make the distributions more normal.
Regression analyses were carried out for each language khổng lồ predict confusions on each stimulus-response pair from a variety of factors.
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Các từ hay được áp dụng cùng cùng với confusion.

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In one case, there was an apparent confusion between the requirements of confidentiality & informed consent.

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There seems to lớn be a bit of confusion in this work between a revolutionary condition, a revolutionary outcome, & a period of consolidation.
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a thick cream made by heating milk then leaving it khổng lồ cool so that the cream rises lớn the top in soft lumps, made especially in the south west of England

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