Conveyor Belt Là Gì

a continuous mogiaynamdavinci.comng band of fabric, rubber, or metal used for mogiaynamdavinci.comng objects from one place khổng lồ another.

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Dưới đó là những chủng loại câu có chứa từ bỏ "conveyor belt", trong bộ từ điển trường đoản cú điển tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể tham khảo hồ hết mẫu câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống cần để câu với từ conveyor belt, hoặc xem thêm ngữ cảnh sử dụng từ conveyor belt trong bộ từ điển từ điển tiếng Anh

1. Abrasion resistant conveyor belt

2. Conveyor belt is used widely in every walk of life; therefore, the chất lượng of conveyor belt joint directly affects the sergiaynamdavinci.comce life of conveyor belt.

3. Conveyor belt with combined air nozzles

4. Fluted conveyor belt cleaner scraper blade

5. Conveyor belt. Flotation machine impeller. Decking.

6. Lift it out of the conveyor belt.

7. The conveyor belt was digiaynamdavinci.comded into compartments.

8. - Get it out of the conveyor belt.

9. To lớn a Waterman... It"s a conveyor belt.

10. The conveyor belt feeds boxes into the machine.

11. We lifted our baggage from the conveyor belt.

12. Automatic labelling machine & instrument with conveyor belt

13. Would you please place your bags on conveyor belt?

14. By improgiaynamdavinci.comng slack adjuster, this paper adjusts the runing working condition of conveyor belt tension, reduces running trouble of conveyor belt, satisfieds manufacture require.

15. All the boxes are still on the conveyor belt.

16. It"s all conveyor belt, và it makes a book.

17. This paper introduces a updated flame resistant conveyor belt.

18. It was taken right there on a conveyor belt.

19. When the conveyor belt stops, out come the text books.

20. On lớn one conveyor belt go cans & plastic bottles.

21. Part of a three-mile <5 km>-long conveyor belt

22. As they work together, they serve as a human conveyor belt.

23. Conveyor is a conveyor belt for traction and load-bearing components, bearing materials through the movement of the conveyor belt of the continuous conveyor material handling equipment.

24. Jean began to load her food on khổng lồ the conveyor belt.

25. Aircraft ground support equipment — Specific requirements — Part 3: Conveyor belt vehicles

26. 17 Net chain. Net chain chain. Sprocket. Conveyors. Food conveyor belt.

27. The police begin remogiaynamdavinci.comng the other crew locked on a conveyor belt.

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28. 8) Conveyor is a conveyor belt for traction & load-bearing components, bearing materials through the movement of the conveyor belt of the continuous conveyor material handling equipment.

29. Abrasion-resistant two-material hinge pin sạc in a modular plastic conveyor belt

30. Her friend began to load her shopping on to lớn the conveyor belt.

31. Khổng lồ understand this concept, think of your fretboard as a conveyor belt.

32. Finished photodetector: place finished product on the conveyor belt lớn prevent collision.

33. By conveyor belt the wetted substance then is transported to the ashpit.

34. The damp bricks went along a conveyor belt into another shed to lớn dry.

35. Baggage is placed on the conveyor belt lớn go through the X-ray machine.

36. Conveyor belt plays a very important role in bucket wheel excavator continuous excavating system.

37. Series electric belt vulcanizer, mechanical conveyor belt is the vulcanization bonding of specialized equipment.

38. Jet wash room for the bodies into a conveyor belt, all indoor laying rubber.

39. Sludge dehydrator, concentrater oil water separator, solid fluidsplitter and conveyor belt & so on.

40. Some restaurants have automated food delivery to lớn customers tables using a Conveyor belt system.

41. They then fall on lớn a conveyor belt which tips them into a wooden box.

42. The shopper only needs to place all the items on the conveyor belt at checkout counter.

43. The global conveyor belt is the longest current in the world, snaking all around the globe.

44. Please send us minimum prices of rubber V belt, timing belt endless belt and conveyor belt.

45. As these double-edged “knives” cpu or drop out, a dental ‘conveyor belt’ nudges replacements forward.

46. Other series are: Screw conveyor, Belt conveying machine, Cement silo , and transferring truck và so on.

47. As a further measure khổng lồ reduce dust emissions, Lucchini installed a humidification system on the conveyor belt

48. Shanghai Mechanical giải pháp công nghệ Limited - TU, professional supply all kinds of machinery and steel conveyor belt transmission network.

49. This one tree could progiaynamdavinci.comde him with all he will ever need... A conveyor belt of food.

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50. A conveyor belt brings you the latest catch, which you then gut, clean & pack for freezing.