synonyms: distribute pass around hand out dole out dish out chia sẻ out allocate supply allot apportion
Dưới đó là những mẫu mã câu tất cả chứa từ "dispense", trong cỗ từ điển tự điển tiếng Anh. Chúng ta cũng có thể tham khảo đầy đủ mẫu câu này để tại vị câu trong tình huống cần đặt câu với từ bỏ dispense, hoặc tìm hiểu thêm ngữ cảnh áp dụng từ dispense trong cỗ từ điển từ bỏ điển giờ đồng hồ Anh

1. Let"s dispense with formalities!

2. We"d dispense with charity drives.

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3. Can we dispense with the formalities?

4. Let"s not purposelessly dispense the aid.

5. I can dispense with this dictionary.

6. Psychiatrists dispense drugs to lớn control mood.

7. Let"s dispense with the formalities , shall we?

8. Dispense with the liquor, get himself together.

9. Judges và law courts dispense justice justly.

10. Private industry uses them to dispense nutrition information.

11. Their role was khổng lồ dispense even-handed justice.

12. I think we can dispense with the formalities .

13. Would it be better lớn dispense with them altogether?

14. Let"s dispense with formalities and get down lớn work.

15. They enable the composer khổng lồ dispense with traditional instruments.

16. 15 Private industry uses them khổng lồ dispense nutrition information.

17. He supposed, though, he would dispense with Dodo soon.

18. You can"t dispense with a stove in winter here.

19. Debit cards dispense with the need for cash altogether.

20. Dispensing machine khổng lồ store and dispense elongated containers vertically

21. Pharmacists can sometimes dispense emergency supplies of prescription-only medicines.

22. Let"s dispense with the formalities and get down khổng lồ work.

23. Ann suggested that they dispense with speeches altogether at the wedding.

24. He is not yet well enough to lớn dispense with the pills.

25. For two weeks, the cash machine was unable to lớn dispense money.

26. The club now have no option but to dispense with his sergiaynamdavinci.comces.

27. Since we don"t have much time, we"ll dispense with the reading today.

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28. We shall have khổng lồ dispense with the car; we can"t afford it.

29. A container may dispense the articles in singular fashion and in hygienic condition.

30. Competition between Edmonton và Calgary for the right lớn dispense airmail was intense.

31. Needless to say, cigarette vending machines in the United States dispense packs of

32. The most severe punishment a matriarch can dispense is exile from the house.

33. These courts are empowered khổng lồ dispense a wide range of punishments including death.

34. The court would have power khổng lồ dispense with the non-owner"s consent if justified.

35. They"ve had khổng lồ dispense with a lot of luxuries since Mike lost his job.

36. Dad, if you"ve come lớn dispense a dose of political adgiaynamdavinci.comce, save your breath.

37. Her eyes were squinty andflaring , as though about to dispense tissues through the nose.

38. Asked to vày little more than dispense egiaynamdavinci.coml sneers at intervals, Sutherland does just that.

39. Dispense # ml quantities into kiểm tra tubes lớn make agar slants or # ml quantities into bottles

40. They dispense pills, bread & butter to children arrigiaynamdavinci.comng for school, & take blood samples.

41. Indeed, agencies enjoy considerably wider power to dispense with formal proof than the courts do.

42. Still others dispense with terminating buttons altogether & rely the Close box the title bar.

43. We can quickly dispense with the crude mythology, but I like the concept of apparent failure.

44. Of those We have created are people who direct ( others ) with truth . And dispense justice therewith.

45. Being able to dispense with the sergiaynamdavinci.comces of an interpreter is a big incentive to lớn fluency.

46. Even an admiral"s good wishes could not dispense with the ability to lớn pass a professional examination.

47. Liquid cylinders designed to dispense gases have valves equipped with standard Compressed Gas Association ( CGA ) outlets.

48. Usage: Dispense amount onto palm or bath cotton, gently mas sa the whole body, then rinse off.

49. 30 The escorts handle all logistic details and also dispense adgiaynamdavinci.comce on matters of protocol & decorum.

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50. Dispense 10 ml quantities into test tubes to lớn make agar slants or 100 ml quantities into bottles.