to give something or someone a particular name, especially describing what you think of it, him, or her:

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to give a man the rank of knight, an honor given by a British king or queen, in a special ceremony that involves touching his shoulders with a sword:
a style of music or poetry connected with reggae in which the main part of the tune is removed và various special effects are added
to give something or someone a particular name, esp. Describing what you think of that person or thing:
to use different voices, sounds, or images in a movie, television program, recording, etc., to lớn replace others made originally or as added parts:
Would the black-robed sorcerer"s instructions khổng lồ the queen be as memorable if the actor"s voice weren"t so poorly dubbed in?
When they"re dubbed, it reduces the believability of the entire film và puts off viewers, regardless of the unique of the film itself.
My guests have spent decades listening to and recording what they dub soundscapes, all the sounds coming from a given habitat.
Depending on an artist"s popularity, or the rarity of his/her dubs, a single dub plate can cost a few thousand dollars.
In the past, game publishers would launch a big game and then follow it up with a smaller, related title, dubbed an expansion pack.
At one military installation, the mental health clinic is accessed by a single elevator -- dubbed the "elevator of shame" -- so anyone visiting is readily identified.
In 1990, police attempted lớn block the burning of the ritual statue, dubbed burning man, due lớn the fire hazard.
They dubbed their rhythm "songo," although in later years it has become known as timba, or, internationally, simply salsa.

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The best dubs go beyond the basics of the format, & make those vocal loops sound as if they absolutely need to lớn be repeated.
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in tennis, a serve (= a hit of the ball that starts play) that is so strong & fast that the other player cannot return the ball

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