Durability là gì

This bike is still our first choice for racers, especially with its long track record for durability.

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That he is still here after ten years of international rugby is testimony to his remarkable durability.

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Instead, given that a monetary union existed at independence for each country, we are interested in testing a hypothesis about its subsequent durability.
Partly because these were utilitarian structures, durability was not a prime concern; surviving examples are accorded significance as authentic vernacular.
Clearly, the notion of durability is related to lớn the stable location of the farmstead, whose cultural biography spans multiple household cycles and building phases.
One would perhaps expect that experienced ministers have greater durability, especially if experience is correlated with ability.
Focalism & durability bias lead them to lớn the conclusion that the patient will not be able khổng lồ bear any bad news.
The research focused on five areas: concrete durability, seismic base isolation, curtain wall design, roof materials, and building systems.
In terms of the notions of transience và durability introduced above, the emphasis thus seems to lớn be on transience.
We conjecture that antibodies lacking in durability have become prevalent in the population resulting in the disappearance of large epidemics since 1992.
Inhabiting increasingly complex sociohistorical conditions, và facing divisions and discontinuities of the self that this inevitably elicited, individuals searched for durability, stability, và independence.
Recent reports suggest that the durability of these valves is limited, và that pregnancy accelerates their degeneration and calcification.
If hardwiring characteristics increase agency durability beyond that provided by statutory creation (and appropriate controls), this is relatively strong support for the theoretical argument.
The principal problem associated with repair of the mitral valve in children is long-term durability.
We checked the durability of the serotype-specific effect on resistance by investigating the influence of external factors linked to the host & the host"s surroundings.

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Moreover, a certain strength & durability is indicated in the emotional autobiographical memories of informants that was not apparent in other aspects of memory.
However, it allows us to account for both the long-run persistence of consumption and for the durability effect in the short run.
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