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So it means more taxes for the middle class, and so we all pay the cost of tax evasion by the wealthiest individuals.
Vows a serious fight against corruption and tax evasion, calling them the country"s biggest problems.
In many countries, government and former government leaders are now facing lurid accusations of money laundering, tax evasion và violation of disclosure requirements.
Crash, 67, was arrested in 1991 on charges of racketeering and income tax evasion, and sentenced to five years probation.
Legislators rejected his gọi to raise taxes as a way to compensate for the island"s rampant tax evasion.
Tax evasion, corruption and money laundering cost developing countries alone well over $1 trillion every year.
They are also known for their negative aspects, including being hotbeds for illicit activities such as tax evasion, money laundering & window dressing.
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