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Write a paragraph at least 150 words about :"life skill is very important and useful for students nowadays"

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1 vài ba ý chính nhé bạn:- Life skills can help you build confidence in many fields in life- Can help you khổng lồ recognise cultural awareness & citizenship to lớn make international cooperation easier- Learn lớn interact và work as a team- Have the ability lớn self-manage, solve problems & understand the business environment ....

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Life skills are very important & useful for students nowadaysUpon the question that what is the very important skill a person should learn in the world today, different people have differnt opinions. In my point of view, I perfer khổng lồ think that communication is the most impotant skill for almost every person. There are many reasons to tư vấn myview.Firstly, communication is a bridge between people. Nobody is omnipotent; people depend on one another in their daily lives. We all hope we can be become the person who masters every skills và can complete every kind work by ourselves. However the real world tells us that this just is a dream. Therefore, people are interdependant, no can can say that he does not need other people"s help. The society requires cooperation among people. Communication is the link. Communication is the first step of successful cooperation among people. By communication, we exchange of thoughts và information, & get other people understand our needs và ideas. For example, in acompany, big or small, a manager always has khổng lồ communicate with his boss, coleagues andsubordinates. Secondly, communication can help us keep friendship and make new friends. Friends need to lớn communicate khổng lồ each other, so that they know each other"s needs và feelings. Indeed, the most important qualities of a friend is communication & understanding. If you are a goodcommunicator, it is very easy for you to lớn keep your friendship and make new friends. If you bởi not communicate with your friends, you will not only feel lonely, but also can eventually loss yourfriends.From all above, I think that communacation is the most important skill for people to lớn survive in this society. I hope everybody works hard khổng lồ get the skill.