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< + khổng lồ infinitive > I think it was a bit rash of them lớn get married when they"d only known each other for a few weeks.
a group of spots or a raised area on the skin resulting from illness or from touching a harmful substance:
They have asked people coming or returning from those areas, who display symptoms such as fever and rashes lớn immediately report khổng lồ health centers.
black flies carry river blindness, a disease that causes itching, rashes and eye disease that can lead khổng lồ permanent blindness.
Symptoms include fatigue, coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, headache, night sweats, muscle pain, và rash.
In fact, it has become all too common this season, as a rash of injuries lớn star players has impacted the college football season.
Some individuals develop a rash on their hands, arms, feet & legs, three khổng lồ four days after their fever began.
Inspired by the season, by grief & nostalgia, she"s about to bởi vì something rash, unless the rash itself has something to say in the matter.
But the rash of departures have raised concerns from some analysts about the company"s growth momentum.
County health officials have said the material does not generally pose a health hazard, but it could cause a rash if touched.

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