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The second, by a remarkable collection of photographs, some from the university archives & other sources và some specifically produced for the book.
The remarkable flexibility of most educational software discourages assessment of the impact in teaching and learning.
Put simply, neuroscience & developmental science have shown that early life is a time of truly remarkable growth in terms of both brain & behavior.
Second, though phonetically different, these two segment types show remarkable & consistent phonological patterning.
At the outset of the 1990s, there was remarkable consensus within the business community as to what kind of political economy it wanted.
This is perhaps less remarkable, as syllabification plays a part in pronunciation generation in both models.
Against this background, it is remarkable that research on back pain, particularly research related lớn prevention, pain relief, & rehabilitation, is relatively limited in scope.
At the same time it demonstrates pentecostalism"s remarkable capacity to take on local colour in different contexts.
She notes that: it is remarkable that nurse practitioners still feel a resistance from staff nurses towards their role.
It is by any standards a remarkable achievement & a magnificent bản đồ which ought to lớn be much better known.
Such a mixed plasma state exhibits a nature as an "active medium", which is strongly non-equilibrium and non-stationary, and produces remarkable dynamics through nonlinear interactions.

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