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Bentley"s grand sedan gets a new sporty kiến thiết treatment, with the choice of V-8 or plug-in-hybrid powertrains and louder exhausts.

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The Flying Spur S can be identified by the absence of exterior chrome. Instead, its big body boasts lots of gloss black on the grille, lower front fascia, mirror caps, & window trim. The headlights và taillights also receive dark tints that contribute khổng lồ the sinister style. The only chrome bits that remain are the Bentley badge và lettering on the trunk lid.

The Flying Spur S can be fitted with several different wheels, all quality to this model. The choices include a mix of tri-spoke 21-inch wheels with gloss-black & machined surfaces. There"s also a set of 22-inchers that can be had in gloss black (pictured here) or in Pale Brodgar satin. Regardless of rim type, every version has red-painted brake calipers. Plus, the Flying Spur S comes standard with rear-wheel steering và active anti-roll bars, also known as Bentley Dynamic Ride.

Inside, the Flying Spur S is available in two-tone màu sắc schemes that combine leather and a faux-suede material. Its seats can be optioned with quilting, & the standard "S" embroidery on the headrests can be replaced with Bentley"s winged logo at no extra cost. Other S-specific touches that appear throughout the cabin include special illuminated sill plates, a metal "S" badge on the dash panel, và digital gauges that tóm tắt a motorsport-inspired look that"s also seen on the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

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For those who want the quickest version of the Flying Spur S, the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 with 542 horsepower & 569 pound-feet of torque is the ideal engine. It comes standard with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic & all-wheel drive, and a 2021 Flying Spur we tested hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Bentley also says the V-8 model has a đứng top speed of 198 mph. As part of the S treatment, it features a different exhaust system for a sportier soundtrack than drivers will otherwise find. Bentley"s 626-hp W-12 engine is not available in the S model won"t find.

Although it doesn"t sound as intimidating as the V-8, và its đứng đầu speed is limited lớn 177 mph, the plug-in-hybrid variant"s 536 horsepower và 553 pound-feet are properly prodigious. Unlike the V-8, it"ll provide an estimated 21 miles of electric-only range. Bentley says the PHEV S also has "ingenious sound enhancements" under the hood that are intended to stimulate the driver when sport mode is engaged but still keep things quieter in the back seat.

The 2023 Bentley Flying Spur S with the V-8 is expected to lớn have a price tag in the neighborhood of $245,000. We expect the plug-in-hybrid version to start at about $243k.

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