Trust Nghĩa Là Gì

to believe that someone is good và honest & will not harm you, or that something is safe và reliable:

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a legal arrangement in which a person or organization controls property and/or money for another person or organization:
Under the terms of the trust he receives interest on the money, but he cannot get at the money itself.

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The money that her father left her is being held/kept in trust (= being controlled) for her until she"s 30.
a legal arrangement in which a person or organization controls property or money for the benefit of another person or organization:
A trust is also a group of people or organizations that controls property or money for its own benefit, or the property or money controlled by the group:
a legal arrangement in which you give a person or organization the right khổng lồ manage money or property for a particular person or group of people that you have chosen to receive the money:
an arrangement between two or more companies to lớn work together illegally, for example to lớn control prices:
Listed equity is composed of equity securities of listed corporations and units in listed unit trusts.
There is also the trace of a suggestion that for these reasons they can even be trusted more, being more innocent and, perhaps, neutral.
In total, 13 (35%) of the later trusts said that their health authorities had phối the agenda, compared with five (19%) of the early trusts.
Our comparison of early and later trusts found little evidence that the process is being driven by building on success and developmental learning.