Video Codec Là Gì


Computer users are no strangers lớn the term codec. However can certainly come 90% Among users we don"t know what codec is. So the article below will give you a detailed introduction on what a codec is.

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What is the Codec definition?

The codec is made up of two words “code” và “decode” is a computer software that uses compression khổng lồ reduce the form size of a large file or convert between analog và digital audio. You will often see this word accompanying audio và video, That is the audio codec và the đoạn phim codec.


Why vị we need Codecs??

Music and đoạn clip files are very large in size, This means that users may not be able to tóm tắt these files via the Internet. Lớn increase tải về speed, Math codecs are used to encode or compress the transmission signal, Then decode to view or edit. Without codecs, The tải về of clip and audio files will take much longer 3 come 5 times compared to lớn the present time.

How many Codecs should use?

There are currently hundreds of codecs on the Internet and you"ll often have to lớn use a combination khổng lồ play files. There are codecs for compressing audio, video, Multimedia files stream over the network, the presentation, video clip meeting, MP3 playback, take screenshots.

Many people when sharing files online use codecs lớn compress files. That makes the user downloading will not know what codec they have khổng lồ use. Usually, common, normal, You will need approx 10 next 12 codec for playing various types of music, movie.


What kind of codecs are popular

In addition to lớn popular codecs lượt thích MP3, WMA, RealVideo, RealAudio, DivX or XviD also has many other codecs.

AVI is a popular file extension that is attached to lớn many đoạn phim files, but in itself is not a codec. It is actually just a container format that many codecs can use. Hundreds of codecs are compatible with AVI content, so it"s difficult lớn know what codecs are needed lớn play the file.

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Here are some Codec packages you should use

Because there are many different codec options, codec packs are still the best choice. A codec pack contains many codecs in the same file. There are many arguments that vày not need a lot of codec files, but it is clear that using the codec pack will be easier when users need to tải về and play the file..


Below is a menu of codec packs that users should choose:

CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is one of the best codec packs that users should download. CCCP is for those who share, Watch movies online use. Codecs in this package can be viewed 99% đoạn clip formats. Consider using CCCP if your computer needs an updated codec.X Codec Pack free, Pack all codecs in one, No ads and no spyware, It also doesn"t take too long to lớn download. X Codec Pack is one of the most complete và necessary codec packs lớn play all major audio and video clip formats.K-Lite Codec Pack Allows playback of all popular movie file formats. K Lite included 4 species: Basic, Standard, Full & Mega. If you only need to lớn play DivX and XviD files, just Basic is enough. Standard package is more popular, includes everything the universal user needs lớn play popular formats. Full package suitable for users with higher requirements, In addition khổng lồ providing many codecs, The package also supports encode.K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is the aggregate package, Contains everything you need. Even the Mega package contains media Player Classic.

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Another way to download codecs is to download the players that contain the available codecs. Sometimes players also install popular và important codecs the first time you install the software. VLC is a good choice because it plays all types of formats.