In life, family plays a very important role. In particular, the family environment always has a double impact on the formation of our personality. The family is one of the three social environments, directly determining the natural & social aspects of each person. People. It is a place for members lớn live sincerely with each other, to giới thiệu love & joy, to be the most solid tư vấn when we have difficulties or failures in life. Family is a group of people living together under the same roof, bound together by marriage & blood ties, usually consisting of grandparents, parents, children, và great-grandchildren. Childhood: Family is a place khổng lồ stay. We grow physically và mentally. It is the place to lớn protect the bad influences, correct the deviant expressions in time so that our personality can develop completely. Is the first school to khung basic skills for a good life. When growing up: Family is the place where we return after the hard work of life. It is a place where we can share our love with our sense of responsibility & duty. It is tolerance, protection và forgiveness when we encounter mistakes or life"s uncertainties.

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As an encouragement for achievements, successes,... When we get old: Family is a place for us to lớn rest after a life of striving và hard work. It is a place that brings joy to living in the late afternoon. A place lớn find the meaning of life, lớn teach children và grandchildren life experiences even when they are exhausted. The family is the cell of society. The family makes an important contribution khổng lồ the common development in all aspects of the whole society, together with society in building a living environment & perfecting people. We criticize the deviant expressions that create the foundation for the rift & break up of family relationships. It can be domestic violence, children being unfilial khổng lồ their parents. Parents lack the obligation to nurture và take care of their children. An obvious phenomenon in modern society is the increasing number of divorces, but the most disadvantaged are still children & women. Each person is a personality type, psychological, has a different need and desire. To create a stable and good relationship in the family, each person needs to know how to lớn balance, adjust themselves and have the responsibility to love và care for other members. A happy family requires all members to lớn be equal, dedicated, emotional và self-sacrificing. Keeping the peace and cultivating happiness for the family is creating a foundation for the sustainable development of people and society.

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